Hoof Health Laid Bare


I'd really appreciate your opinion of the Hoof Health Laid Bare course.

If you're anything like me, you can never think what to write when you sit down to do these things! If you know what you want to say, go ahead... If you're not sure, try answering these questions...

What was your main worry or concern before taking the course, and how has the course helped with that?

Jennie Godwin

Covers all areas of hoof health and care

I had just started loaning a barefoot pony and he was sore walking over rough surfaces and had a short choppy stride on roads and in the school. The previous owner had assured me that this was just him but i was not convinced and desperate for more info. A friend at the yard recommended hoof geek and i signed up for the laminitis warning signs course but after completing module 1 i was keen to know as much as i could about hooves quickly to make an informed decision about how to proceed with the loan pony. Debs allowed me to transfer to hoof health laid bare. I completed the course within 3 days it was brilliant. Everything was covered in detail and i liked the lecture style and the modules approach. If i had questions i could leave a comment and got a quick response from Debs. I went for the course with a private consultation which I highly recommend. After eating up all this info and diagnosing our pony with everything from white line disease to laminitis it was very reassuring to be able to send photos of hooves and videos of paces and discuss them with Debs whilst she patiently pointed out that the feet were not that bad and confirmed what i could do to improve them. Thank you Debs. Wish i'd done this course years ago when i got my first footsore pony. Would have saved a lot of trial, error and heartache!

Teresa Griggs

A wealth of knowledge

I have studied anatomy over the years (BHS and bodyworker) but I still learnt so much from this course. The knowledge and experience that Debs has shines through and she really wants to empower people to be able to make the right decisions for their horses and circumstances. The course gives very practical examples and acknowledges that we don't live in utopia but still gives the information that helps arrive at the right course of action for the individual. It is done in a humorous and entertaining way. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will revisit in the future. Most of all it gave me the tools to work my way through issues in a calm, methodical way rather than feeling overwhelmed and panicky when faced with a problem.

Sophie Evans

Fantastic Hoof Care Course

Wow! Hoof Health Laid Bare is an incredible course - broken down in to extremely easy to digest lessons - although there is A LOT of information - Debs explains things so easily and well that nothing felt too overwhelming! I feel confident looking at my horses feet and I feel like I can make informed decisions for their hooves and for their lives as a whole! Thank you Debs 😊


I give much more thought and understanding to my horse’s hooves now.

Well …… now I’m looking at things a little different!!
I didn’t realise just how important the hoof is and how much information about my horse’s health I can get from the hooves.
The mechanics on the inside are awesome and some of the structures are so delicate but so strong learning all about their functions is a must for any horse owner.