The Healthy Horse: Feeding and Nutrition


I'd really appreciate your opinion of the Feeding and Nutrition course.

If you're anything like me, you can never think what to write when you sit down to do these things! If you know what you want to say, go ahead... If you're not sure, try answering these questions...

What was your main worry or concern before taking the course, and how has the course helped with that?

Michelle Martin

Very Easy to Follow

I had actually dove deep into nutrition before this course because Dreamer foundered and I knew it was my fault! I had made some bad choices with over abundance! My favorite part of this course (& her other courses) is how Deb comes across! She is so practical and so humble! With her you don’t feel she has an agenda to be right! She just states the facts & the knowledge she has (which is deep) and presents it in an easy to absorb way!

I highly recommend this class for beginners wanting to dive into nutrition...very easy to follow and lots of great info!

We live in different parts of the world but Deb is definitely someone I would love to hang out with!