The Healthy Horse: 28 Day Hoof Transformation


I'd really appreciate your opinion of the 28 Day Hoof Transformation Challenge.

If you're anything like me, you can never think what to write when you sit down to do these things! If you know what you want to say, go ahead... If you're not sure, try answering these questions...

What was your main worry or concern before taking the challenge? and how has the challenge helped with that?

Niki Dymek


I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wishes to gain a better understanding of equine nutrition. I have always been conscious of feeding as naturally as possible, but the catalyst to enrolling was buying my youngster who appears to have various intolerances resulting in explosive behaviour. Added to that an anxious elderly rescue pony with barely any teeth, a Pony Club pony with a history of head shaking that we are transitioning to barefoot, and a Miniature Shetland to keep trim, they all have very different needs. I have never skimped on providing quality feed for them all, but I had a nagging feeling that I could do better! This course has helped sort through the minefield of feed companies marketing claims, but probably the most valuable part of it for me was about deciphering the labels. Enlightened but horrified by the rubbish that was in their current feed (from a well known quality brand), I moved them off it and went back to basics. I'm still researching and learning and its still work in progress whilst I tweak, but at least I now have a happy herd with no hint of the explosive behaviour or head shaking, and with the anxiety very much reduced.

Sue Wilkinson

Can't recommend the course enough 110%

Wow, gained soooo much knowledge of what to watch for and how big the list is of what not to feed our horses. The horse marketing world is shocking, how some words are made up to mask what is really in the bagged feed. Learned so much thanks to Debs, easy learning, multiple references across the board regards nutrition. Can't recommend the course enough 110%

Michelle Martin

Very Easy to Follow

I had actually dove deep into nutrition before this course because Dreamer foundered and I knew it was my fault! I had made some bad choices with over abundance! My favorite part of this course (& her other courses) is how Deb comes across! She is so practical and so humble! With her you don’t feel she has an agenda to be right! She just states the facts & the knowledge she has (which is deep) and presents it in an easy to absorb way!

I highly recommend this class for beginners wanting to dive into nutrition...very easy to follow and lots of great info!

We live in different parts of the world but Deb is definitely someone I would love to hang out with!