Winter Lamintis Zoom Meeting

Winter Laminitis or Cold Induced Laminitis has been worrying a lot of people this year, so I decided to do a Zoom Meeting for everyone who's enrolled on a course. As there have been so many people wanting more information, we all decided to make the meeting available to everyone.

The main 'presentation' (inverted commas as it's pretty informal) video is publicly available on You Tube and just below on this page. You don't need to be logged in to view it, share it with anyone you think may find it helpful.

 The Q&A discussion and the presentation notes you need to be logged in (as a free member) to access.

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Hoof Health​ Laid Bare

Drowning in information yet still thirsting for knowledge...

Having a good foundation of knowledge to build on can be invaluable.

Information is just data. Information with understanding is knowledge.

The Hoof Health Laid Bare course takes the big puzzle that is whole horse hoof health and presents one small piece of that puzzle at a time. Once you understand each puzzle piece you will be able to put the jigsaw together to see the whole picture with far greater clarity and new insight.

  • Celeste Marshall says:

    Asking again, if outdoor temps warm up above 5 degrees celc. will recovery be quick? And, with cold lami, can I assume soaking in cold water is not good. What about soaking in hot water?

    • Debs says:

      I wouldn’t like to rely on the temp increasing to fix the problem. Yes, I suspect it will help, but it’s very much about getting the core temp of the horse up, so the circulation to the extremities is restored. If your core temp has dropped, I’m not sure a slight improvement in the weather will be enough.

      I would def say cold soaking should be avoided. I’m not sure soaking in warm water would he that helpful. Firstly the water cools down pretty quickly, but also the hoof is a really good insulator, so I’m not sure how much heat would get to the feet. I think you’ll find leg wraps more effective (not to mention more practical. It’s not often the easier solution works out better!! 🙂 )

  • Celeste Marshall says:

    If temps warm up, will there be a quick recovery?

  • Becky Callaghan says:

    Thank you very much for this info Debs, its been really helpful as I’ve been struggling to work out why Honey is sore again!!!? I think its actually from the wormer I had to give her, but its made me reassess the rug situation. Being EMS and no doubt having compromised hooves from long term laminits, I think the cold and the circulation issue may not be helping either. Such a minefield but always so good to listen to you and know that there are other people out there going through similar with their horses. I feel better now and don’t have that terrible helpless dread where I don’t know what to do and feel like I’m completely failing Honey. Thank you so much x

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