Stop Worrying About LAMINITIS 


Does your horse suffer with:

  • Foot Soreness
  • Persistent Hoof Infection
  • Wall Cracks
  • Flare
  • Underrun heels

These can be signs of low grade (or sub clinical) laminitis. Any amount of inflammation (laminitis) in the hoof capsule can cause hoof deformity and soundness problems. If left unaddressed, solving these issues feel like an uphill battle...

Laminitis can affect any horse.

We discuss 35 different warning signs during this course. Spot the clues that enable you to address problems early on. Recognizing low grade laminitis is key to preventing catastrophic laminitic events that result in pedal bone rotation. 

What's Inside?

6 Weeks 6 Modules...​

For horse owners who can't stand not understanding their horse's hooves.


Anatomy and Function - Putting the 'fun' into function :D :D

No... seriously! Most people expect this to be the boring part, but it's the foundation of everything. A good grasp of anatomy is key to cutting through the confusion.

 In this module you'll learn...

What a hoof is supposed to look like. Discover all the nooks and crannies of a healthy hoof capsule.

It's what's on the inside that counts! The ins and outs of the internal hoof are revealed.

What hoof growth can tell you about your horse...

The #1 stumbling block to healthy circulation and why it's so important.


Understanding Laminitis

What actually is laminitis? What do all the terms mean? What are the different stages of laminitis?

 In this module you'll learn...

Why inflammation is so debilitating to the hoof.

How to understand the terms around laminitis and use them with confidence whether you're helping out your friends or discussing your horse's needs with professionals.

How to identify the different stages of laminitis so you know when it's serious or mild.

The essential role hooves play in maintaining health and stamina for the whole horse.


The Effects of Laminitis

We'll look at the different ways laminitis can affect the horse, what happens in the hoof and how it all affects the horse as a whole.

There are many important clues to spot in the horse's body and hooves if you know what to look out for.

 In this module you'll learn...

How to identify the dead give away signs of low grade laminitis in any hoof.

To recognize a hoof suffering with more serious levels of laminitis and rotation.

The changes to look out for in the horse's body.

The changes to look out for in the horse's hoof.



For your horse, not you! Don't worry, it's not exam week!!

There are many important clues to spot in the horse's body and hooves if you know what to look out for.

We go over 35 different signs that a horse can show before they start leaning back in the recognized 'laminitic posture'.

 In this module you'll learn...

A simple 10 point check up to do with your horse to ensure they're laminitis free.

5 signs that circulation is compromised.

16 different ways the hoof capsule will show low grade laminitis.

9 ways the horse will change their gait to compensate for low grade laminitis.

5 ways the horse's body and posture will change as a result of low grade laminitis.

7 signs it's more serious, acute laminitis, not low grade.



How to find what's causing the problems. Ideas and suggestions for managing your environment for maximum results and minimum stress. Nutrition for the laminitic - what to do, what not to do.

 In this module you'll learn...

How to pin down the cause of laminitis.

Ways to address the most common causes.

How to clean up your horse's nutrition and provide what he needs.

Practical ways to manage grass intake.

What to do about a footsore horse.

The most common misconceptions around laminitis that keep you stressed out, guilty and working far harder than you need to. Believing these myths can ruin your laminitic management results.



It's not as gross as it sounds.

Seeing the internal structures makes sense of everything. It completely changes how you view a hoof once you can picture what's on the inside.

 In this module you'll learn...

What the laminae look like and why they're so quickly damaged by inflammation.

Why soles get sore so easily.

That the pedal bone isn't the most important part of the hoof.

Exactly what you're doing when checking the digital pulse.



If all that isn't enough... there's more!

There's some fun ones as a reward for completing the tougher sections of the course, and some serious ones, like an emergency action plan, further resources, and nutrition suggestions.

 In the Bonuses you'll Get...

A list of laminitis friendly feeds.

A list of the most helpful supplements to address the most common causes of laminitis.

An Acute Laminitis Action Plan.

My awesome secret brownie recipe - well ok, it's not so secret anymore, but it's definitely still awesome!

Private Facebook group. It's a really supportive community of your kind of people.

Weekly Facebook Live sessions. Ask me anything - though try to stick to the weeks content if you can... I don't need any encouragement when it comes to shooting off on tangents.

About the Tutor

Hi! I'm Debs Crosoer. I’m a practicing Equine Podiatrist with over 10 years experience, author and educator. My focus is on helping people who want wildly effective horse keeping methods, without the usual stress and complication.

I’ve helped many horse owners recover their horses from laminitis. I believe knowledge is power. The more we, as owners, can understand about what's causing laminitis, the better equipped we are for protecting our horses from it.

Being able to spot early warning signs is fundamental to preventing more serious events.

So... How does this work then?

How Long?

This is a 6 week long course. We'll work through it together.

1 module will be released each week. It shouldn't take more than an hour to complete the content. How much extra time you spend discussing things and asking questions is up to you!

You'll have lifetime access to all the content, so you can work at your own pace if that's better for you.

What Format?

Each module will have video lessons, with supporting docs like worksheets, pdfs and further resources.

Access is through this membership site.

The modules are released on a Monday. The following Sunday we'll have a live group discussion.


Well, technically it's all done at home, but there are no assignments to complete, or grades given.


I will be updating the course over time. You'll have access to the new content too.

Group Discussions?

The weekly group discussions will be on a Sunday in the facebook group.

Difficulty level ?

This course is aimed at horse owners. All the basics will be covered. I try to make everything easy to understand.

That said, I've had equine professionals who gained a lot from attending too.

Lifetime Access?

I'm not sure if that's morbid or not! Lets not worry about our mortality :) 

Lifetime access means for the lifetime of Hoof Geek Academy.

What People Are Saying...

I was NOT disappointed

I was really interested in learning more about hooves and all the internal structures and how they are affected by different external factors and of course...the dreaded laminitis!!!

Jacqui Wing

Laminitis Warning Signs

This course is brilliant and extremely well explained in simple language and methodically goes through all topics very clearly with diagrams that even a donut like me could reproduce. I am so grateful for all the time and energy Debs has put into producing it and most of all helping me with her unlimited knowledge of my retarded computer skills thank you sooo much. Oops and Victoria of course xx

Jill Wintle

You made taking Dan barefoot, stress free.

My number 1 concern was not having enough knowledge to see laminitis coming. I feel I do now.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is listening.

Cat Wilton

Laminitis Warning Signs Course

Great course. Each lesson was the right amount of information to be able to lick and chew and then move onto the next. I feel I can identify the signs of LGL and am able to take an appropriate course of action. Being quite new to horse ownership I think the most important thing I learned is how key diet , well actually nutrition management is.

Sally Rose

Super and thorough , great value online course!

I have had barefoot horses in my life for some 10 years; not that this course was only applicable to those without shoes, I mention it as I feel that because of the ‘hoof status’ of my three horses, I took an especial amount of interest in their management as a whole- diet and turn out regime and work regime, in order to maximise hoof health. This included research into local equine podiatrist- Mine is great , a real geek who fascinates me with related info each time he comes.

I was under the misapprehension that I knew a fair bit on the subject, yet It was only with my acquisition of a companion pony who had ridges on his hooves, a short choppy stride, fat pads , all symptoms of laminitis, that I felt I needed to increase my understanding and explore how I could help him more. For me, the style of this course was super: I love books however how effectively I fully understand concepts contained within and thus learn from them, I’m not that convinced .

The Laminitis Warning Signs course included straight forward online modules to work through individually, combined with weekly live discussion and Q&A sessions , via video link. In these ,Deb gave her time most generously and spoke to members of the course about any particular aspects of the course as well as queries about their own horses. The interaction between all members was a great aspect as others may have asked questions that you hadn’t even thought of asking.

In addition, simply learning alongside others who want to further their knowledge is great, especially for those of us who prefer to keep horses free to wander, not necessarily on grass , rather than stabled for over 12 hours at a time, obviously depending on restrictions at individual yards etc. Being a barefoot horse owner is still not that mainstream where I am and as I don't feel the need to either justify my choices to others nor feel it’s my place to attempt to convert them, it is sometimes quite a lonely metal and molasses free existence.

This course gave me more information than I had imagined it would, in fact doing the course made me realise how little I actually did know. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course at all . I know have a much more thorough understanding of laminitis and how I can more effectively manage my horse with low grade laminitis, a diagnosis I have always been reluctant to accept, as he was, in my mind simply ‘a little footy’! That, I now realise is not something to be accepted or ignored.


Eye opening course - a must for any horse person looking to be better informed about horses' well being

I took this course more for education purposes, as I am lucky not to have had to deal with laminitis (or so I thought) . It opened my eyes to so many minor things that I was missing and helped pull many bits of information around the horses whole health and environment together. This course is about so much more than feet - it will take you on a whole journey of understanding the horses' complete environment and its potential impacts. Debs is completely down to earth in her approach making the complexities easy to understand. I will keep coming back to the materials to keep the all the variables fresh in my mind. If you have a horse that suffers from laminitis, this course is a must.


I’d recommend the course to every single horse owner

My number 1 concern was how to keep 17hh of horse from having tummy issues, which caused his feet to flare and lose all semblance of heel and concavity. That pretty much remains my concern, except I now have a better plan.

Chris Ando

Absolutely brilliant course

My pony has been suffering with laminitis on and off for the past 5 years. I could not find the cause and wasnt sure if it actually was laminitis all of the time. Thankfully I found this course and Debs and have not looked back. I now know all the things I should be looking for to try to prevent it happening again. The course was well paced and easy to understand. Working full time I was able to complete it easily . The live chat session each week was really helpful with chance to ask lots of questions. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Debs and she is very knowledgable , I’m so glad I found her and her education centre. Looking forward to the next course.

Rebecca Callaghan

Excellent teacher

LWS has taught me how to differentiate between low grade laminitis, acute laminitis and chronic laminitis. It has also raised my awareness of how important diet is for the general health of horses and put me on the right track to prevent future inflammatory attacks. I still have a lot to learn , but Debs has inspired me to do further research for the benefit of my horses . Do not it...sign up. You won’t regret it!

Diana Bruce

Worth the Investment

So many courses, so little time (and money?). But this one was well worth it. Whether or not you are concerned your horse's laminitis risk is high, this course provides many "aha" insights. It also offered a number of facts I had never heard or read before but which filled in little gaps in my understanding. Debs' approach is straight forward and she is very responsive to questions and specific concerns.



This course has definitely made me more aware of the signs to look for before acute laminitis hits. Both my horses ended up with laminitis and I don't ever want to have to watch any of them go through that again. This course has given me the confidence to know what to look for. It was well worth the money time and effort for me!!!

Rodna Angus

Thank You

I have a deeper understanding of what is happening with my ponies and how to support them through what has been a tough year. Good to have found sound advice and support as sometimes the vets seem to be a little dated in their solutions. Thank you Debs you've given me hope.

Amanda Healy


Fantastic, really informative and supportive course. Taught me a huge amount in terms of hoof structures, laminitis symptoms and interdependencies between them and diet and environment. Most importantly, gave me enough knowledge to think for myself, interpret what my horses are telling me and manage them in a more informed and proactive way. Fab job Debs!

Karen Stevens

Well worth doing this course

I wish I'd known all of this information you've provided in this course before, I could have definitely prevented my mare from getting laminitis. I certainly know what to look out for now.

Sally McGrath

I give much more thought and understanding to my horse’s hooves now.

Well …… now I’m looking at things a little different!!
I didn’t realise just how important the hoof is and how much information about my horse’s health I can get from the hooves.
The mechanics on the inside are awesome and some of the structures are so delicate but so strong learning all about their functions is a must for any horse owner.

Sara-Jane Saull Equine Craniosacral Therapist

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