Confused about what to feed your horse?

The Healthy Horse: Feeding and Nutrition

A  mini course to help you figure out how to use your environment to best suit your horse's needs without tearing your hair out with frustration!

Years ago I started a 4 part series on nutrition for barefoot horses. Parts 1-3 were no trouble at all, but part 4 ...urgh!!  I wrote part 4 and deleted it so many times.

There was a fundamental problem....

Either I told people to feed X,Y and Z - while making things simple, that wouldn’t suit the individual needs of the horse or yard and so wouldn’t help many people.

Or I wrote about how each yard, and horse had individual needs - which while accurate, didn’t actually help anyone figure out what to feed, so would frustrate a lot of people.

It wasn’t quite a rock and a hard place, but part 4 was a deafening silence (and driving me bonkers)!

Then a pandemic came along and some of us suddenly had more time on our hands, and wanted something to keep us occupied, so I decided to create a mini course on feeding horses.

I’m not a nutritionist. We’re not going to cover each and every vitamin and mineral, symptoms of deficiency and excess, their use in the body and all that jazz. 

I do however spend a lot of time advising people how to manage their environment to simplify their life and get their horses as healthy as possible.

Here’s what we are going to talk about:

  • how the horse works - so you have a better understanding of what their basic needs are
  • the pros and cons of various management systems - so you can figure out which ones are best suited to your needs and your yards facilities
  • the basics around feeding - so feed labels aren’t so mysterious and misleading, and you know what to focus on to deliver whole horse health

When you ask for help online, advice can be very ‘my way is right’. People mean well, they’re trying their best to help but the thing that worked so well for them may not work well for everyone else! There are just so many variables, and we don’t all have the same variables. They... well… vary!

Whether there’s a metabolic problem, a digestion problem, or no problem at all, your horse will have different needs to someone else's.

Mixed species meadow grass to mono culture rye grass grazing, stabling or 24/7 turn out, all present very different challenges.

Let’s make it so you can decide what is going to work for you and your horse at your yard.

3 modules, 19 lessons making up 2 hours of videos, plus extra resources, with monthly live Q&A sessions and a community discussion group... Aaaand suddenly it’s obvious why I couldn’t make it fit into 1 blog post.

What's Inside?

Get instant access to this 3 module mini course.


Your Horse's Needs

We cover the basics of digestions and discuss common health issues

In This Module We'll Cover...

  • Digestion
  • Nutrition Basics
  • Endocrine and Metabolic Problems
  • The Overweight Horse
  • The Underweight Horse
  • How to Spot a Nutritional Problem


Feeding Systems

We cover the pros and cons of different ways to manage your horse's environment and assess their dietary needs.

In this module we'll cover...

  • Feeding Positions
  • Mineral Balancing
  • Track Systems
  • Permaculture Systems
  • Self Selection
  • Restricted Grazing


Feed, Forage and Supplements

We discuss what ingredients are good for your horse, and what could be causing problems.

In This Module We'll Cover...

  • Grass
  • Hay
  • Feed
  • Daily Supplements
  • Remedial Supplements
  • Sugar
  • How to Read The Label

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About the Tutor

Hi! I'm Debs Crosoer. I’m a practicing Equine Podiatrist with over 15 years experience, author and educator. My focus is on helping people who want wildly effective horse keeping methods, without the usual stress and complication.

So... How does this work then?

How Long?

This is a mini course. You'll get instant access to all 3 modules.

​You'll have lifetime access to all the content, so you can work at your own pace. Binge it all in 1 go, or take a more sedate pace, it's up to you.

What Format?

Each module will have video lessons, with supporting docs like worksheets, pdfs and further resources.

Access is through this membership site.

There's a live Q&A session each month in the facebook group.


Well, technically it's all done at home, but there are no assignments to complete, or grades given.


I will be updating the course over time. You'll have access to the new content too.

Group Discussions?

The discussions and support in the facebook group, or there's a comments section below each lesson in the Academy.

Difficulty level ?

This course is aimed at horse owners. All the basics will be covered. I try to make everything easy to understand.

Lifetime Access?

I'm not sure if that's morbid or not! Lets not worry about our mortality :) 

Lifetime access means for the lifetime of Hoof Geek Academy.

What People Are Saying...

Thank You

I have a deeper understanding of what is happening with my ponies and how to support them through what has been a tough year. Good to have found sound advice and support as sometimes the vets seem to be a little dated in their solutions. Thank you Debs you've given me hope.

Amanda Healy

Worth the Investment

So many courses, so little time (and money?). But this one was well worth it. Whether or not you are concerned your horse's laminitis risk is high, this course provides many "aha" insights. It also offered a number of facts I had never heard or read before but which filled in little gaps in my understanding. Debs' approach is straight forward and she is very responsive to questions and specific concerns.


I’d recommend the course to every single horse owner

My number 1 concern was how to keep 17hh of horse from having tummy issues, which caused his feet to flare and lose all semblance of heel and concavity. That pretty much remains my concern, except I now have a better plan.

Chris Ando


What happens next?

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How much is the course?

Any discounts?

Will I have access to new content?

Will there be an exam?!?

How long are the modules?

Do I need to have a facebook account?

Only £22