Get SERIOUS about your business... so you can reach more people and help more horses

Equine Business & Promotion Course

Over the last year a number of EPA members have asked me to put together a course to help them organise and promote their business. So I did.

This course is only open to EPA members, so it's super specific to our business needs

While this course is only open to EPA members, it's not affiliated with the EPA at all.

Course Content

Module 1 Business

Build a business that serves you and your best life, so you can serve your clients better and help more horses without burning out

Module 2 Marketing

Promote yourself and build a great reputation. Get more clients or just increase your value to the clients you already have (or both).

Module 3 Social Media

Social Media doesn't have to suck. Learn how to use it to connect with your kind of people


Helpful planners and guides so implementing what you've learnt is a breeze. 

How this course works

This is an online course, lessons are text based.

You'll have lifetime access to the material.

The course will develop to meet your needs. New material will be added periodically.

Each lesson has a comments section for you to ask any questions or discuss your experiences.

Debs Crosoer  //  Equine Podiatrist

I've been working for myself for over 20 years. During that time I've made a ton of mistakes! Luckily I've learnt from most of them :)

Over the last 6 years I've been officially and unoffically mentoring equine and health care professionals, helping them create their dream business that supports them rather than runs them ragged.


What EP's are saying:

Highly Recommended

Most valuable course I have attended all year, in fact since I started my business! Could have done with this from day one! Highly recommended

Tracey Pettipher  //  EP

a real eye opener

I found the course a real eye opener and significantly (and positively) changed my outlook on my business. I always turned a blind eye to the business side of things as that wasn’t my forte but this course makes it all digestible. I now feel I know how to make my business what I want it to be and marketing is an important step in that process.

Cheyenne Korbutt Brown  //  EP

The Best Time to Start Getting Serious About Your Business is Now!

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Debs Crosoer

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